Saturday, August 6, 2011

Day 19

It finally feels like we are seeing light at the end of the tunnel!

Day 19 was full of finishing up some of the small details like installing new switch and outlets, installing a new ceiling light and putting down new baseboards.  We got the living room pretty much to a point that we feel its livable again.  We still need to finish filling the nail holes and touching up the baseboard along with installing the door and window casing. 

We moved the furniture back in to the living room and got to take a minute to sit down and enjoy the room a bit before ending the night.  Tomorrow, I hope to do the same in the kitchen.

Oh, and I think Im going to change to title of this blog to This IS Crazy!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day 17

This day has finally come. A day we have been waiting for for, ummm 17 days. Ugh. Thats like seven days longer than I wanted. But its here. Yes, running water. And the fact that we have grown more wise over the length of the project as we called a plumber to do the work.  All the time into new drywall, paint, flooring, cabinets and then let me do the would have been disastrous.  So we sprung for someone who knew what they were doing.  A plumber.

And so, minus some small details like new switches, outlets, pantry door, a light to hang and installing trim our kitchen is complete.

...the rest of Day 16

Clark came back over the in the afternoon of Day 16 and after a couple of hours everything finally came together.  The countertops were secured and ready for the sink and all the other little details for the cabinets were complete.  It all came together very nicely.

Day 15 & 16

I took the evening of Day 15 and most of Day 16 to finish up the flooring in the Living Room.  This TrafficMaster Allure flooring goes in really nicely. Looks great and I hope, lives up to its description - resilient.

Day 14

We took a well deserved day off on Day 13 and did some school clothes shopping for the kids before I headed in to work.

Day 14 was quite the experience.  Off the shelf countertops.  And a last minute find that I had measured wrong and our tops were about 2 feet to short.  Opps.  Thankfully, with some fine engineering by Clark we figured out our fix and I made my 109740598th trip back to The Home Depot to grab a four foot section of counter top. We seamed that under the sink area and cut the other top to match.  You wouldnt have known we did that if I didnt just tell ya. 

After way to much time of trying to get these crazy countertops with a bit of a bow and warped attribute to them to fit, they wouldnt.  It was around midnight when we called it a night.

There's really no pictures that we wish to share on this day.  Much frustration and tears (on my part).