Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day 14

We took a well deserved day off on Day 13 and did some school clothes shopping for the kids before I headed in to work.

Day 14 was quite the experience.  Off the shelf countertops.  And a last minute find that I had measured wrong and our tops were about 2 feet to short.  Opps.  Thankfully, with some fine engineering by Clark we figured out our fix and I made my 109740598th trip back to The Home Depot to grab a four foot section of counter top. We seamed that under the sink area and cut the other top to match.  You wouldnt have known we did that if I didnt just tell ya. 

After way to much time of trying to get these crazy countertops with a bit of a bow and warped attribute to them to fit, they wouldnt.  It was around midnight when we called it a night.

There's really no pictures that we wish to share on this day.  Much frustration and tears (on my part).

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